I set up the page especially because ... New slave girl - be there up close ...  

Yes, it was only clear to me when the name "" was suggested because I had to make my annual payment and I thought so ... PERFECT! New slave and then she does not see her master and is trained by me to be a perfect slave. So let's hope that she can take me for a long time. As of January 2021 - we have already had the 4th meeting and at the 2nd meeting I pierced her nipples. So, it can be that her unknown master becomes too much for her. But let's not hope.

Who is this crazy woman who invites a man completely unknown to her in the corona pandemic to her home and knows that he will spank her ass, whip her tits, pierce her nipples and piss in her mouth and everything on top of that filming? In addition, there is the completely unknown man that she has only known the man for a few days. So must be a completely insane person or a woman who has limitless trust. It's not the first time I've been trusted, I've been able to experience it very often and I'm grateful for it. I admit after the first meeting, she didn't want to see me again, but since I wrote our real Whatsapp chat book and I promised her that as soon as it was finished, she would get it.

Yes, you can actually read it from the first message up to the time when I ring the doorbell and she receives the unknown master, naked only with nylons, in the slave position and blindfolded. After I had sent her the book, we wrote again and there was that trust again, the beautiful feeling and we confessed that we had missed the time of writing together very much. We have been writing every day since then and I get my photos from her every day. She wears a plug in her ass for me from morning to evening and sends me photos in the morning and evening. Yes, I missed the photos a lot in the morning too, believe me!

We quickly arranged a meeting and I took her tits and pierced both nipples. That was of course a little too much and too intense for her ... She didn't like me for a short time afterwards. LOL. Yes, sometimes I overdo it, but she seems so familiar to me, as if I've known her forever. It is probably because of that.

So that's the short form of how we met and what happened.

I have to admit to my shame that she was one of the few women where I absolutely had to and wanted to lick her cunt and asshole. I don't really like doing this with every woman. When licking my cunt, she squirted poop in my mouth and I was so surprised that I swallowed it and it tasted great. After that I drank her squirt a couple of times. She's the first woman whose piss I've drank and I love it! I always suspected that she liked doing it. To squirt in my mouth and force, she likes to do it, but can't control when and how much she injects. Well, it is actually the case that I am probably someone where she cums and squirts a lot and that's why I called her slave Pissnelke. I love it and don't know why, because before I just felt it was pissing off and it was cool for movies but myself like some men didn't like it. Don't drink piss either, but she can piss in my mouth if she wanted to. Even after hours of pissing and lying in her piss, her cunt smells and tastes like freshly washed. Believe me, this is the first woman I can lick from top to bottom and just think, wow, what awesome. Her sexy nylon feet smell, even though she is standing in her piss like freshly washed. She just pressed it in my face and I loved that too and it made me horny. After more than 20 years of BDSM living with her, I have discovered new fetishes for myself. I love it when she pisses on me and her horny cunt ... I can't get enough of it. I love their nylon soles and have to taste, feel, smell and touch them. Her asshole is horny too, and she is horny. I like her very much and enjoy the time with her and I also enjoy the daily news with her. Sure, I am especially happy to receive her photos, although she cannot understand that every day I can still enjoy "plug in the ass photos" that look the same to all of them. But she makes new ones for me every day and I get my daily dose of photos. I also get photos of nylon soles several times a week.


She can now, because she knows that I love her little piss pussy, not control and injects me within 8 seconds when I rub her cunt. She used to suppress it and she squirts full of me unabashedly and I love it! Of course I train her to be a 3-hole mare and of course her hot holes should also feel my hand and she should be fistable in both holes. The plug in the ass, she has to wear from morning to evening (where she has to ask for permission if she can take it out) and she says she always thinks of her master when the plug pinches and pinches her. Of course she has to drink my piss as well (which she doesn't really like yet) and if she has had more than one glass of wine in the week she has to drink her own morning piss the next day and send me a video of it.

I then get the nice red smileys sent to me and I think she shows me her love with them, even if they look grim. At the 4th meeting I worked her butt with the cane and showed her that she is a maso slave. Not an extreme slave like a few, but definitely more than you would expect from a beginner slave. What I find particularly cute then ... she then says the next or the same day: "One hit did hurt a bit"! I really enjoy hearing that from her. It sounds really sweet from her mouth, sweet to fall in love with.

Now you know a little more about this (my) slave and I will publish something here from time to time if there is something nice to tell.

Even if I have set up this page »« just for you and your photos and video clips, if I should get to know other slaves who get involved in the experiment »Real-Blind-Date-Session«, I will do them here too publish. But only because it fits the topic.

Each video can either be bought and then downloaded, or as a member of, all videos and photos can always be viewed online as often as you want.

Of course I know that »«, which was newly created in January 2021, doesn't have as many videos and photos as some others, so I have chosen the prices low and also a 3-day membership for only 15 Euros made. The material I show is not a posed BDSM and also not a fake, we have to make videos to earn money ... I do it with passion but the videos should just show something that I love about my slave. I hope you like it and you can enjoy the development from a normal woman, who had no previous contact with BDSM, to a perfectly trained slave like slave Pissnelke and I, the unknown master, do too.

We wish you a lot of fun on our website and hope that you will like our little clips and photos ...

LG the unknown gentleman and his pissnot

P.S. to the photos or photo series ... I always made 4 different variations of all photos, mostly. That means, 1 photographed picture is afterwards in 4 different looks (b / w - color - soft b / w or also in extremely dark b / w picture look) what you like now, I leave that to you. So be forewarned and it's not a scam or I want to present more pictures than I took. But I like the one photo better in a dark b / w image look and sometimes in a soft one with a delicate blue cast or in color! I don't know what you like about it, I always leave the choice to you, what you like better. Please remember that the same photo series image title only ever shows you a different image look from the same original photo.

So I believe that you first know everything there is to know about this new page »«

Real blind date sessions  

Yes, it is true! Neither of these women saw my face before the session ended!
Real blind date session - real session - with real submissive women - no fakes ... that's what stands for

See how a woman next door, with pleasure - becomes a good, obedient slave girl.

More information can be found here at Real-Blind-Date INFO