Yes, it is true! Neither of these women saw my face before the session!

I've had some blind session dates like this by now. The first time should be 15 years ago! Since then, I have had a few such meetings at home with women wearing masks or my first, those with their faces pressed against the wall, who had to wait until I put the mask and collar on her. I had visited her at home and yes it was crazy and awesome at the same time. I've had a dozen or so dates like this since then. Sure, even if a woman has visited me, there are ways to do it. Sure, it's a little more difficult, but it's also totally AWESOME! Meanwhile I am filming that too and Slave Girl Pissnelke has not yet seen me despite 4 meetings and we want to keep that as long as possible! Of course, some things make it difficult! I have to pass the glass to the slave, watch out for cigarettes and more. But, it is something that shows a lot of TRUST that is shown to me! That's why I will alienate my face in the future and make it unrecognizable in videos so that I no longer have to make 2 videos. Less effort and therefore no slave can find out who I am through a video purchase.

Should someone not believe it because it is too crazy and unbelievable ... I have published a Real Whatsapp chat book where everyone can read everything from the first message to the one where I ring the doorbell and all meetings have been filmed! There are really good reasons why the slaves wear a scarf or mask at some point! Not just that they don't want to be recognized. They don't know who visited and tortured them.

Should it happen to women in the future that they have seen me at some point, I will mark these videos separately! You would then get a new profile without a REAL blind date session in front of your name. But only if I would publish videos of them here!

But as long as you have the real blind date in front of your name in videos and photo series and everyone can then see these videos via your profile description, as long as the woman does not know my face.

In the last 15 years, I have treated 5 women who still do not know my face! For some of them it happened after the session that they took off their mask, but no woman saw me from the beginning to the end of the session. For some it came after the 2 or 3 session but I've had a new slave since October and even after the fourth meeting in January 2021, she still doesn't know my face! I hope it stays that way a little longer ...

Why am I doing this? Because I can! Okay, another reason that I am demanding the ultimate in trust. Of course, it is particularly difficult to get a woman to receive me and to surrender to me defenselessly tied up. I also pierced both nipples of my slave, although she did not know me or saw me, and that at the 2 meeting! Yes i'm lucky!

I don't give any other reasons here, I don't want to give instructions! Just so much ... I don't need to lie about it. It is true, provable and also verifiable that every woman who is shown here has really not seen me as long as real blind date is in front of her video or photo series. I don't know whether I will show videos and photos of her afterwards on this page, but I would then make it clear!

LG the unknown gentleman