I often had it with my last slave that some people wanted to see something special about her (nylons - high heels - latex clothing) or even wanted a video of their choice.

Small gifts of money were and are of course very welcome ... Now and then we just got a little gift and could invest it in our hobby. Well, I don't think it will happen here now, but there is also an opportunity on this page to give us a gift of money.

This link takes you to the page and you can surprise and delight us. Send a cash gift here to show your support for your favorite site.

Of course, acting out BDSM is not quite as cheap a pleasure, you probably know that as well as I do. That's why I'm happy about every clip or photo series sold! Even if it's only one euro that I have earned, I am happy as if I had won the lottery.

It's almost like that, with billions of videos and clips worldwide, someone has found mine and bought it.

So yes, if you want to please us (me and this site), you can be sure that I'm really happy, and I'm just as happy when someone buys a video or series of photos.

Since my mother's illness (strokes and dementia) and that I safely got her through the Corona period in 2020, I have perhaps even become a little more grateful. Yes, I have to look after them and no, I am getting rich and became rich through this hobby of film and photography, unfortunately not. But, I sold something and I was really happy about it ... Because every penny counts and my hobby costs not just money.

So, thank you in advance for your purchase.

Thank you and have a nice day, unknown sir